The liver is a complex organ and  like any other internal organ can malfunction. The liver is located in the front part of your pet's abdomen.

Conditions relating to the liver are called Hepatic.  Liver disease is a very general term used to describe any type of liver disorder.

There is no one cause of liver disease. The liver is unique in that it can potentially recover from malfunctioning or disease,

it has a large reserve capacity and more regenerative capability than almost any other organ.


Denosyl for Dogs 13-34 lbs - 225mg - 30 count tablets | Nutramax

Denosyl is a nutritional supplement that helps minimize a variety of liver problems such as liver disease. It is recommended to improve hepatic glutathione levels in dogs and cats. It has also been shown to improve liver function by protecting and repairing liver cells. For optimal absorption, give ..

Ursodiol 300mg Capsule 100 Count Bottle for Pets | Generic

Ursodiol is a prescription genericmedication that treats certain liver and gallbladder diseases. It may also be used to help remove gallstones that contain cholesterol. It is for the use in both Cats and Dogs. Ursodiol 300mg Capsule 100 Count Bottle for Pets | Generic. Sold by Vet Approved Rx...

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